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How long does the Cloud Vault last?
Filter life depends on use. Daily users on average require a new filter every 3-4 weeks. Infrequent smokers can expect months of life.
Where do I get a Mouthpiece?
Mouthpieces are included with the Cloud Vault (Mouthpiece & 1 x Filter) and the Cloud Vault Bundle. Check out the store to find out more!
Can I use a Filter without a Mouthpiece?
No you cannot. The Mouthpiece connects to the filter via a screw thread to create an air tight steal. The filter is not designed to be used on its own.
Can I reuse the Mouthpiece?
YES you can! Keep your Mouthpiece and only replace the Filter. No need to replace the entire unit.
Smoke came out!
Check the Mouthpiece and Filter are screwed on tight. An airtight seal is required for maximum airflow and to ensure all smoke goes through the filter!
I can’t screw my Filter on :(
The air tight seal is important to ensure all your clouds are captured. If you encounter any trouble replacing your Filter cartridge, try placing the Mouthpiece on the screw thread and rotate it counter-clockwise a few times. This will ensure the screw thread is properly aligned before you tighten it. If you meet resistance don’t force it or you can risk damaging the connection.
How do I know when its time to buy a new filter?
You will know your Filter has reached capacity as you will be unable to exhale through the Cloud Vault anymore. This means your Filter has reached capacity.
How do I take care of my Cloud Vault?
Moisture from your breath can build up in the Filter over time. Let it dry in a warm spot to maximise Filter life.
Do you ship internationally?
International shipping is not currently avaliable. Contact us directly to find out more.
Is your shipping discrete?
Of Course! The shipping boxes or envelopes we use will be as plain as possible to ensure discretion for whatever reason.
Why isn’t the sticker already attached?
Our stickers look great on the Cloud Vault or anywhere else. Stick it on the Cloud Vault or keep your Vault discrete. The choice is yours.