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How It Works

The Cloud Vault combines Activated Carbon with an innovative HEPA Filter design.

As you exhale / breathe out smoke through the Cloud Vault, the microscopic smoke particles are captured in the HEPA fibres and pores of the Carbon. The result is odourless, invisible and filtered clear air!

No chemicals are involved - simply 100% non-toxic Carbon and Fibres from natural ingredients and sources.

Like a vault, the smells and clouds that you would have released are securely stored forever!

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How To Use It

1. Inhale your favourite Smoke or herb of choice.

2. Place your mouth on the Cloud Vault and form a tight seal. Breathe / exhale the smoke through it.

3. Only clean air will exit the Cloud Vault. Capture visible clouds and unpleasant odours!

Works with any herb or smokable!

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Why You Need It

Non-smokers are very sensitive to the smell of smoking and over time these build up in your house even if you keep your windows open. The smells created by smoking are nearly impossible to cover up. That's why prevention is the key! Cloud Vault solves this problem by turning all the smoke you breathe out into clean air.

Whether you smoke occasionally or every day, the Cloud Vault is for you!

Be considerate to friends, family and partners! Keep your smoke to yourself!

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